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If you've got a plugin you've developed for Cerb4, we (and the community) would love for you to share it with us. Please add a title, short description, and a link to a detailed page on setting up your plugin.

Sample Report Plugin

Creating a Cerb4 Report Plugin : This is just a simple example of how to create a new Report Plugin. It's not terribly useful as a Report, but it's an excellent introduction to the basics of creating a plugin and adding a report.

Ticket Attachment Tabs plug-in Created By

Ticket Attachment Tabs

Add a new tab on tickets that list attachments.

Required Watcher plug-in Created By

Required Watcher

Required Watcher is quick project I created to force all workers to get assignment emails. It is very basic plug-in with a very specif use.

Last Action and Audit Log Enhancements plug-in Created By

Action and Audit Log Enhancements

Allow you to optionally add additional items to the audit log & update the tickets update field on posts other then new emails.

Currently this is limited to comments only but that will change in future version.

Notes: Requires a 1 line patch if you use the audit log feature until Jira Issue is resolved. Patch is no longer needed as of Cerberus 5.3.0

Purge Contact Addresses plug-in Created By

Purge Contact Addresses

Purges unused contact addresses that are no longer attached to any messages.

Notes: Creates a new index to messages.address_id. Only for Cerberus 4.x at this time.

Auto-close plug-in Created By

Auto Close

Automatically closes tickets that haven't been updated in the last X day's. Will add an audit log entry when the ticket is closed if audit log is enabled.

Cerberus plugin - Cerb5 LDAP authentication

Cerb5 Plugin LDAP Authentication

Cerberus plugin for PHPLicengine

PHPLicengine - Licensing & Distribution System now supports Cerberus HelpDesk integration.

To begin using the Cerberus HelpDesk, you will first need to enable the plugin. Go to Helpdesk Setup -> Plugins, select the checkbox next to "Cerberus Helpdesk: Web Services API", and Save Changes.

You will now have a new Web API tab in Helpdesk Setup. Click on that tab, and enter a Nickname for your new access key (you can have many different keys, each with different permissions). Click Save Changes, update the Rights and Restricted IPs, and click Save Changes to save those updates. You'll note that there's an Access Key and a Secret Key there.

Enable Cerberus HelpDesk Module in PHPLicengine. Go to System Configuration -> System Settings. Under "Cerberus HelpDesk Settings" fill in:

  • Cerberus User URL (No trailing slash!)
  • Cerberus Admin URL (No trailing slash!)
  • Access Key
  • Secret Key

Now when a new customer creates account, s/he will get a Cerberus HelpDesk account too. In client area, they see a link to Cerberus HelpDesk page instead of "Contact Us" link in left menu.

IMPORTANT: Make sure 'PUT' is not denied in your .htaccess file. To check this look at .htaccess file to see if there is something like:

order deny,allow
deny from all

If you have this, you should remove 'PUT' from the rule.

External Ticket Search Plugin

Allows launching ticket searches from other apps. If logged in, the user will be redirected to the ticket search tab. The search fields will be set from URL.

External Ticket Search