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Import/Export (ImpEx)

Cerberus Helpdesk provides an extensible Import/Export (ImpEx) tool which is used to convert data (e.g. tickets, messages, attachments, comments, orgs, contacts) from other systems into a simple, generic XML file format that's importable by Cerb4/5. This means that the official importer only needs to be maintained in a single place, regardless of the number of exporters that are supported. Community members who want to import data from a new source only need to provide a small driver to convert their datasource into many small XML files that follow simple conventions.

The ImpEx tool is written in Java to avoid the memory and time limitations imposed by PHP5, while retaining cross-platform support.


Obtaining the ImpEx Tool

  • Download the latest ImpEx archive from and click the Download Zip button
  • Place a copy in a new directory on your server.
  • Extract the archive:
cd Cerb4-ImpEx
  • Confirm Java 1.5+ is installed:
java -version