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The Opportunities Tab allows you to add opportunities.

  • Add Opportunity: Clicking the Add Opportunity button will pop up the Add Opportunity dialog box.
  • Import: Clicking the Import button will allow you to import a file

Clicking peek will pop up a panel that allows you to view and edit the opportunity.

Clicking an opportunity will take you to the Notes tab of the opportunity screen.

View Opportunity

Clicking an opportunity in the list will show you that opportunity.


The Notes Tab shows you the notes for an opportunity.

You can enter a note into the textarea, and checking the box for Notify workers will reveal a select box that will allow you to select which workers to notify. Hovering over a note will display a delete link. Clicking the link will allow you to delete that note.


The Properties tab allows you to edit the opportunity.

  • E-mail: The email address the opportunity should be linked to
  • Title: The title of the opportunity
  • Status: The status of the opportunity; Open, Closed/Won, or Closed/Lost
  • Amount: The amount the opportunity can earn
  • Worker: The worker the opportunity is assigned to. Clicking me will select yourself in the list, while clicking anybody will select anybody in the list
  • Created Date: The date the opportunity was created. Clicking the calendar button will pop up a calendar picker, allowing you to change this
  • Lead Source: The source the lead is from - website, email, letter, etc.
  • Next Action: The next action to be performed - send email, call, text, etc.

Mail History

The Mail History tab allows you to see the entire history for this email address/domain.

The mail history tab behaves the same way as the Mail -> Ticket -> Requester History tab (and therefor, all of the other ticket lists in Cerb4). In the upper right corner, you can change what to display history for: this specific (E-Mail) or the entire domain name (in this case *