Clearing the cache

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Moving the Helpdesk and deleting the cache.

Delete the following files in the Cerb5 folder and then refresh the page:

  • storage/tmp/devblocks_cache* (this replaces the zend_cache from previous versions)
  • storage/tmp/templates_c/*.php (these are the “junk” files that start with the encoded names, e.g. e1102d9f...)

Note: If you see any dot files, like .svn or .gitignore, you can leave them alone.

Renaming or moving your copy of Helpdesk

Either one usually requires you to clear the cache as part of the process.

  • Changing the root directory from ‘cerb5′ to ‘helpdesk’ -> to ,
  • or relocating the install to a simpler URL -> to .

You'll know you need to do so if you see a blank page when loading your Helpdesk, or an error message which explicitly refers to the cache somewhere in your filesystem.

Verify Community Portals and Worker RSS feeds

Just to be safe, after you're all done check for any problems with features generated from a relative path. This includes helpdesk setup, Community Portals and my account, RSS Notifications. Try regenerating any Community Portal index.php files by saving changes and replacing the files in the appropriate web path (or copy them to the new path where you're moving the Support Center). And for the RSS feeds, have each worker create new ones (click the relevant Feed icon 16x16.gif icons in their worklists of choice) then delete their old ones in the ‘RSS Notifications’ tab.

Large updates

When upgrading through major releases there may be significant changes in the interface or functionality. And while it is rare, sometimes the Helpdesk will complain about missing files because a feature planned for removal was not completely erased in your filesystem. You can verify a broken update by checking the footer. If the versions are different but the build is the same (5.3.2 build 2010050101 versus 5.0.0 build 2010050101), that's a bad sign and deleting your cache may be the solution.