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Cerb5 (5.1) is a major functionality update released on August 23 2010 containing over 179 features, fixes, and usability tweaks from community feedback. There are 20 additional improvements in 2 maintenance updates.

You can find the full changelog in the forums.

You can download the release files from the project website.

  • To check if you qualify for this release as a free update, view Helpdesk Setup->System->License Info. If your software updates expire after August 23 2010 then you can upgrade without updating your license.
    Cerb 510 license expires.jpg
  • Visit the project website to subscribe to feature updates on your existing license.
  • To upgrade your installation, follow the instructions here.

Context Links

Prior to 5.1, you could only link a task or time tracking entry to a single record (tickets, orgs, opportunities). The new 'Links' functionality allows you to link any number (or kind) of records together to improve your workflow.

You can link tickets to other tickets; time tracking entries to tasks; workers to organizations; etc.

You can now assign multiple workers to anything (e.g. tasks and tickets).

See the detailed blog post about this feature for more information: http://www.cerb4.com/blog/2010/08/10/preview-links/

Reports Overhaul

You can switch between various chart types on reports: line, line (filled), line (stacked), bar (side-by-side), & bar (stacked).

Each chart type gives you a different perspective on your data: compare the performance of two workers over a date range using a side-by-side bar graph; display the composition of created tickets last month (relative frequency of support vs. sales) using a stacked bar or line chart.

You can now filter reports by worker and group (using choosers) where appropriate. This lets you focus on the data that matters to you.

Prior to 5.1, reports were missing a major dimension: ... time! Now that reports are displayed as a number of data series (e.g. separate workers, separate groups) plotted against frequency and time you can spot trends that develop in your data.

Stacked charts allow you to display a large amount of information in a visually intuitive way.

See the detailed blog post on this feature for more information: http://www.cerb4.com/blog/2010/08/21/preview-new-reports/

Subtotals Sidebar

The new subtotals sidebar allows you to tally ticket worklists by group, status, or assigned workers. Clicking on a group will automatically add that filter to the worklist. Unlike the groups sidebar on Workflow prior to 5.1, you can now "stack" filters from the new subtotal sidebar (e.g. choose a status, then a worker, then a group) to build a list of tickets matching all three criteria.

See the detailed blog post about this feature for more information: http://www.cerb4.com/blog/2010/08/17/preview-filter-presets-subtotals-and-the-new-overview/


You can now create a preset for *any* list of search filters. Each worker gets their own presets, and presets are reusable across the same type of worklists (tasks, tickets, etc) -- even inside choosers.

Virtual Filters

Virtual columns in 5.1 make it much more intuitive to set complex filters on worklists.

Snippets Chooser

Snippets are now inserted into replies using a chooser. You can rearrange selected snippets by dragging the blue bubbles into a new order. Multiple snippets can now be inserted at the same time (saving a lot of monotonous work). Filters and presets can be used to quickly access snippets for particular situations.


5.1 also introduces 'Choosers' as a major usability improvement. For example, if you had a list of 50+ workers prior to 5.1 you had to scroll through a list of names without any additional context. Now you can quickly narrow down a list of workers by any criteria -- including your own custom fields -- and then add your selections. You can add multiple selections from any number of filters, and you can use filter presets to quickly repeat common searches.

Choosers aren't limited to just lists of worker. They allow for easier merging of multiple arbitrary tickets, and much more.

You can even use choosers inside of choosers -- for example, picking a list of tickets based on a list of groups based on a list of workers.

Search Messages

A new 'Search Messages' tab has been added to the 'Mail' page.

There are many uses for this.

It allows you to search for results in individual messages rather than conversations (since two messages inside the same conversation might contain a match). It also allows you to set up a 'Sent' folder for monitoring outgoing messages.

Gravatar Integration

Gravatar support has been added to show profile pictures next to email addresses in the address book, Support Center, and conversation history.

Even if a small percentage of your customers use Gravatar, it's still helpful to add a company logo to your own email addresses so helpdesk replies stand out in the timeline.

Comments Service

Comments are now a service provided by Cerb5. This means comments work consistently everywhere you encounter them, but it also means you can easily add comment functionality to new records provided by plugins.

Time Tracking Workflow

The time tracking entry popup has been improved. Time slips now have a status of open or closed, making it easier to separate time that has already been invoiced in your billing system. You can assign an owner (e.g. manager, billing) to a time slip independent of the worker who logged the activity. You can modify the date an activity took place to retroactively log time. The latest comment will be shown in the popup, and adding a followup comment will add it to an ongoing conversation on the time slip's page.

The time tracking functionality in Cerb5 just became a lot more useful with the ability to chart trends over time, filtered to specific workers or activities.

My Work

A new 'My Work' tab on the Home page shows you everything assigned to you. This eliminates the need for each worker to create their own workspace (and a worklist of each type to go with it).

This makes it much easier for new team members to find their work.

... and more!

There are also over one hundred usability improvements and aesthetic tweaks in the 5.1 update:

  • Rounded buttons, gradients, semi-transparency, and other CSS3 features in compatible browsers.
  • Ajax 'spinners' on autocompletes when waiting for content.
  • All worklists will remember your customizations and filters between sessions.
  • Many performance improvements (e.g. query efficiency, removing redundancy).
  • Many scalability improvements (e.g. removing emulated app-level 'sequences' in favor of MySQL-based solutions).
  • jQuery + jQueryUI have replaced most of our legacy Javascript/events.
  • Many new services are available for plugin development (e.g. comments, context links, choosers, filters/presets).
  • Much more...

Maintenance Updates


Cerb5 (5.1.1) is a maintenance update released on September 20th 2010 containing 11 minor fixes and usability tweaks from community feedback.

You can find the full changelog in the forums.

  • [CHD-1978] [Presets] Add the ability to save over an existing preset
  • [CHD-2039] [Knowlegebase] Article content IFRAME too short. (Jeff@WGM: The IFRAME will now be the height of the current browser window, and it can be resized manually from the lower right corner)
  • [CHD-2022] During a fresh install, it prompts the user to perform an upgrade at the end.
  • [Application] Strings that displayed '5.x' (e.g. installer, patcher) will now show the current version.
  • [CHD-2040] [Time Tracking] When clicking the 'Track Time' button on an opportunity or ticket the organization of the requester will now be linked automatically. This helps better keep track of the time spent per org for reporting purposes, even when the actual time tracking entries are linked to particular content (and would otherwise have to be attributed retroactively to orgs prior to invoicing).
  • [Tasks/Owners] You can now add/remove owners using bulk update on task worklists.
  • [CRM/Opportunities/Owners] You can now add/remove owners using bulk update on opportunity worklists.
  • [Time Tracking/Owners] You can now add/remove owners using bulk update on time tracking worklists.
  • [Address Book/Broadcast] Fixed a bug where successfully sending a broadcast from the address book was dependent on permissions for broadcasting in CRM/Opportunities.
  • [Home/Notifications] Added 'bulk update' functionality to the 'Notifications' tab on Home. This allows a worker to quickly mark events as read across multiple pages; previously this required clicking through each page and hitting 'mark read'.
  • [Address Book/Owners] You can now add/remove owners using bulk update on organization worklists.


Cerb5 (5.1.2) is a maintenance update released on October 26th 2010 containing 9 minor fixes and usability tweaks from community feedback.

You can find the full changelog in the forums.

You can download the release files from the project website.

  • [Update] Fixed a potential bug in the /update process where a patch can clear the flag that marks that the patcher is current.
  • [Comments] Fixed an issue where the auto_increment property wasn't properly added to (or was removed from) the 'comment' table, potentially resulting in comments that overwrote past comments.
  • [CHD-2063] [Workers/Chooser] Filtering by group does not work.
  • [CHD-2048] [Sessions/Licensing] The login process will now free the single most idle seat when trying to make room for a new login, rather than freeing all idle seats. This allows the remaining idle workers to continue their sessions without having to log in again, while always making just enough room for new workers to log in when there are idle seats.
  • [CHD-2069] [Security] Fixed a SQL error when /display/updateProperties was requested directly.
  • [Security] [CHD-2047] Views not properly sanitizing HTML input.
  • [CHD-2066] [Mail/Merge] Comments being discarded during ticket merge.
  • [CHD-2070] [Security] The /display/updateProperties action could be used for an escalation attack, giving non-privileged (non-group) members the ability to change ticket properties. Thanks to Oleg Gawriloff for reporting this.
  • [CHD-1982] [Setup/Plugins] The 'more info' links in 'Plugins & Features' pointed to the Cerb4 wiki. Each plugin now has a page on the Cerb5 wiki.